The IWNC Journey

Our work with clients is a journey to develop their leaders, motivate their teams, and improve the performance of their organization. Each step of the way, we move purposefully forward toward transforming the workplace.


The first step of the journey is to assess the current situation. IWNC employs world class diagnostic and assessment tools in our evaluation. These include tools of our own design, e.g. 5C Team Assessment, Leader Contour, and Organization Effectiveness Profiler - OEP. In addition, we use well-known third-party tools that have a proven track record, such as MBTI, Belbin and Denison… Learn more about our assessment tools.


In developing and delivering solutions, IWNC focuses on ensuring the client achieves the best result. Our solutions-based approach is based on years of practical experience and is supported by in-depth research. This approach enables IWNC to enable positive, lasting changes in our client's performance and morale … Find about what we do and results we achieve. 


IWNC follows up to reinforce our solutions and assist in applying the learnings to the organization. We incorporate coaching, workplace projects, meetings and reassessment to gauge progress and encourage transformation. MO9, our online tracking tool, helps individuals and teams to keep track of their progress and encourage each other to continue their improvement … See how companies use MO9 to motivate and encourage individuals and teams. 

Do want to know more about the IWNC Journey and how we can help transform your organization? If so, contact us!